About us

For over 10 years, Matter has been helping some of the most demanding organizations in the world to solve complex problems, accelerate change, visualize and communicate these solutions to the world.

Most meetings, conferences, workshops, and communications vastly under-deliver on their potential. We fix that!

  • Our workshops work: Great idea generation, rigorous outcomes, effective implementation.
  • Our visuals and videos communicate: Powerful stories, compelling graphics, changed behaviours.
  • Our conferences engage: Genuine collaboration, deep personal connections, profound learning.

Matter’s roots lie in the social technology movement of the 1970s and the models and pattern language that the MGTaylor Corporation and others codified in subsequent decades.

Our predecessor organizations include Housatonic Design Network, Minds On, and Collaboration Inc.

Matter’s partners are all members of  The Value Web, which continues to develop these methods and applies them in the world of non-profits, government, NGOs, and the UN.

The values which bind us and which we live through our work every day can be summarised in a single word: Trust. We define trust as:

    • Competency: we hold ourselves to the highest standards in our              services and our products.
    • Care: we put our clients’ interests ahead of our own.
    • Consistency: we say the same things in public and in private.
    • Responsiveness: we work fast to get back to you.