Everything we do is about helping people work better together.

We help executive teams perform better. Our mix of large-scale workshops (DesignFora) and long-term, on-site support (Matter Labs) helps organizations permanently breakdown silos, reduce friction, and maximize cross-functional collaboration.

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A DesignForum is a 1-to-3-day workshop for a group of stakeholders who need to quickly align around a decision, an action-plan, or a change imperative. A DesignForum integrates the knowledge and experience of all interested parties to identify a plausible and implementable solution that is tailor made by them, for them.

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We work with Boards, executives, and leadership teams to align around strategy and build detailed implementation plans. This often involves discreet focused work with a small group of senior executives, which is then built-on throughout the organization, involving everyone along the way, building understanding and ownership.

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Participants at large conferences usually have to manage the trade-off between learning and networking. Our collaborative workshops can be built in to conference and convention programs to offer participants the opportunity to learn by working together. They leave engaged, connected, and informed.

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video: Gatherings & Conferences


Communities of practice, of interest, of stakeholders. We help you discover the shared identity and collective ambition that can make a community take on a life of its own.

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An Acceleration Zone is a dedicated space for groups to build, test and execute solutions using an innovative approach while being supported by a small team of facilitators and graphic facilitators. Rounds of iterative, collaborative work guide groups to accelerated decisions on projects. All while reducing cost and risk.

pdf: Acceleration Zone


A new leader in a demanding role has little time to take stock, chart a course, and act. Our collaborative tool-kit enables leaders early in their mandate to build their team the right way on day one and to leverage the experience of veterans while challenging their assumptions and creating space for genuine innovation and new direction.

pdf: First 100 days

First 100 Days w


When the ink has dried, and new partners have not yet come together, our collaborative methods help accelerate value capture while reducing cost, risk, and friction. The people most affected by change are the key drivers of that change, involved in everything from goal-setting to project design to the launch of the new organization.

pdf: Post merger-integration