Acceleration Zone

An in-house, temporary collaborative space for project management and innovation


We believe …
… that the energy and the experience needed to transform an organization can be found in its own people.

An Acceleration Zone is a dedicated space in which groups construct, test and execute solutions with an innovative approach while being supported by a small, dedicated facilitation team.

Iterative processes and collaborative sessions guide groups to accelerated decisions on the projects they are managing. All while reducing cost and risk

The large-scale collaborative workshop you use to support major transformation can be scaled down to address day-to-day problem solving and solution design.

A different environment and a better way of working:

  • a decision-making space;
  • a way to break down silos and old habits;
  • a place to prototype new ideas and products;
  • a focal point, bringing both energy and urgency to the project.

Acceleration Zone benefits:


The speed of the project increases exponentially using accelerated iteration cycles and time-boxing decisions and deliverables. Project teams are able to do more and better work in the same time with the same staff resources. Business benefits are often achieved months earlier than using traditional consulting techniques.

Solution Quality

Iterative design, frequent stress testing, and the creation of multiple alternatives yield a more robust solution. Our methodology ensures that all issues and stakeholder points of view are addressed.

Solution Ownership

Small, frequent workshops promote solution ownership. Participants are committed to the solutions they create themselves.


Less time spent with consultants in traditional interviews, data gathering and information transfer.

Lower Risk

The collaboration, sponsorship, commitment, and buy-in that grows during these sessions reduces the risk that the solution will be inadequate, or not fully shared. Through our rapid iteration process we tackle and overcome the biggest risks sooner. Broad coalitions for change are created and sustained over time, which leads to more effective implementation.


Collaboration throughout a programme leads to truly-shared ownership of the solution which speeds implementation and increases longevity of the solution. Our approach secures the buy-in and minimizes stakeholder reviews and shortens approval cycles.


Being closely involved in the solution design and delivery increases the confidence of projects owners

People Excellence

Our workshop approach engages and enables the whole organization as leaders. A high performing project team is rapidly created.

Knowledge Transfer

Collaborative work enhances knowledge transfer to key project personnel, improving solution implementation.
Subject matter experts are utilized more effectively.

“It’s a Programme Management Office on steroids”

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