First 100 Days

Supporting Leaders from the Very Start


Stepping into a new leadership role is exciting. It may also be daunting: building a team, setting the right objectives, establishing the right tone, transforming quick wins into a foundation of success, building trust. The ambition to make a lasting difference can get obscured by the complexities of the short-term demands that new leaders face.

Matter supports new leaders and leadership teams so they can align around the small number of initiatives and projects that will have the greatest lasting impact on the organization and on the leader’s own success.

Our approach includes:

Strategy Review
Leadership Team off-site to consider the inherited strategy and determine priorities and high-level execution.
Outcome: Either a renewed commitment to the strategy and strong alignment on how to deliver it or else the contours of a revised strategic direction.

Implementation Accelerator
A new leader may find that strategies and priorities, though sound, need a re-boot. The Leadership Team adopts collaborative tools as its default mode of working right from the start.
Outcome: Detailed plans that clarify responsibilities, KPIs and, where needed, ongoing stewardship.

Operating Model and Organizational Review
The Executive Team spends a day first to map the existing operational model and its ecosystem and value chain and then to challenge it according to the new strategic vision and priorities.
Outcome: Clarity on the meaning underlying the strategy.

Team Dynamics and Individual and Team Coaching
Aligning individual, team, and organizational priorities requires listening and clarifying expectations. It may also require behavioural and emotional alignment. Our interactive methods add to the transformation from group to team throughout the days. When helpful we add individual and group coaching and counseling to ensure the one key outcome: The best performing team.
Outcome: Better individual and team functioning.

We keep you focused on the signal amidst the noise.

The first few months in a leadership role are characterized by countless decisions, big and small. We work with you and your team to identify what’s important and focus on actions that make a difference.

Some examples

A Major Financial Services Infrastructure Company
Shortly after a new CEO was named, we co-designed and facilitated a 2½-day retreat with the Board and Executive Team to re-visit the company’s strategy, clarify governance questions between the Board and the Executive, and solve an urgent issue. This was followed six weeks later by a larger session to the broader (85-person) leadership team. Their mandate was to create their action plans to deliver the strategy and harmonize the way the teams cascaded their actions. This pattern was repeated three times over six years. More recently, after this client named a new CIO, we worked with him and his new team to launch a similar journey.

A Global Travel Company
After the arrival of a new CEO and in the midst of a major divestiture, we were asked to work with him and the Executive Board to clarify fundamental questions of Identity, Vision, and Values and to start the work of translating these into a revised strategy. Our work included a series of small workshops with the Board as well as larger executive Focus Groups in global locations.

A large Brazilian Private Wealth Bank
A new CEO gathered her team to re-launch the bank with shared values, vision, and verve. Key strategies and plans were discussed and revised, while culture expectations were addressed and ‘team rules’ were hotly debated and committed to.



  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor Initiative convened a group of “Enablers” to help design, critique, and advocate for the construction of a digital financial services (DFS) platform for the poor.

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • In October 2016, Matter designed and facilitated the Communication Council, the annual meeting for Generali's Group Communications and Public Affairs Office.

    Assicurazioni Generali