Gatherings & Conferences

Engaged participants, issue-based collaborative learning, sense-making and networking by design

We believe …
… that the right people, together with the right content, experts and questions, have the ability to discover remarkable insights in their world.

Participants demand and deserve more than plenary and panels. We add real collaboration and networking to your gatherings in memorable ways.

  • A series of models useful for identifying fresh topics and perspectives in original ways.
  • Ways to mix plenary with networking and breakouts activities.
  • Graphic facilitation and content visualization to support and facilitate discussions and to explain complex concepts and strategies.

Matter has a unique collaboration methodology that generates robust gatherings that deliver so much more than a couple of good ideas and contacts.

What do you need?

Matter is your partner in overall conference design, workshop design and facilitation, and graphic capture and sense-making. We work with your team to create an original experience for your participants. We facilitate and help identify outstanding facilitators and keynote speakers. We identify topics and that maximize engagement and impact.

Whether you need a session that is 2 hours or 4 days long, we help create approaches that engage your participants as they explore critical issues to your industry.

Our highly collaborative methodology allows participants to:

  • learn from each other;
  • network at a strategic and operational level;
  • discover insights through group interactions;
  • explore and test solutions in a safe environment of diverse peers.

Sense-making and graphic capture

We collect insights, quotes and pictures.
Graphic-rich, content-rich insights are illustrated by our artists in one central space, enabling participants to network around content and be informed in new ways.

Content can be generated, collected and illustrated in many ways:

  • storytelling – graphics that enable you to tell your story in memorable ways;
  • harvesting for insights and synthesizing themes and patterns;
  • social media to maximize the impact your images;
  • infographics and models created to quickly and clearly explain your ideas;
  • work products and deliverables to share conference insights long after your event has ended.

Some Recent & Current Engagements

We brought insight and fun to Infosys’s Confluence conference.

We designed and facilitated Sibos Labs for the world’s premier financial services conference and helped launch InnoTribe.

We transformed Deutsche Bank’s annual HR Conference into a collaborative and visually exciting experience. We help AISM transform their annual conference into a visually meaningful meeting treating a delicate topic with graphic poetry.

We supported Rizzoli Corriere della Sera in their Tempo delle Donne conference creating a place where people could visually enjoy summaries of the sessions and gather to have a meaningful conversation.

We co-created SAS Institute’s inaugural Financial Services Summit and engineered networking sessions in which customers and SAS leaders designed the future.


Interactive Knowledge Wall

PICOtm is a tool for interactive learning and engagement. It comprises a system of interactive panels that pull people in through objects, graphics and digital and analogue input and responds with information and visual surprises.

  • PICOtm provides information and visual content.
  • PICOtm interacts with individuals and small groups.
  • PICOtm makes meetings lively, creative, and fun.
  • PICOtm helps build a link between individuals and rich content.

PICOtm adds a new sort of engagement to small or large events and can be integrated with more typical conference elements (speakers, workshops, performances, etc.). PICOtm is custom designed and built for the specific needs of conference organizers and their participants.


  • Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event.


  • Executives today need new tools that match the pace of change and uncertainty in the world.

    Kellogg Business School

  • Part thought-leadership, part marketing and sales, we helped build-up the SAS analytics community that addressed common issues and learned together.