Post-Merger Integration

Accelerated value capture and risk reduction


The majority of large mergers fail to keep the promises that were made to stockholders when the merger was initially announced. The latent value in the pre-merger organizations is rarely fully exploited.

Matter has been involved in several high- profile mergers to:

  • Establish clarity around value drivers and merger priorities.
  • Align key stakeholders around the merger strategy and messaging prior to a public announcement.
  • Collaboratively design the post- merger roadmap.
  • Organize and accelerate individual merger work stream.

Our approach beings two principal benefits:

  • A profoundly collaborative methodology to involve key actors in all phases of designing the merger roadmap to ensure buy-in, understanding, and effective, speedy implementation.
  • A laser-like focus on identifying those processes and functions that will generate the value which the merger promises and accelerating the achievement of that promise.

Matter facilitates, accelerates, and de-risks all phases of high-profile mergers, from discrete pre- merger discussions and negotiations to designing the merger roadmap to accelerating the work of merger work streams working in parallel.

In our experience, the key to creating value through merging separate organizations is to clearly identify those few areas which will generate the greatest value and then harness the energy and expertise of both organizations to focus on these few areas.
The secret is focus. Quickly generating promised value requires the intellectual and management rigour to focus resources and management attention on the fewest possible number of processes and functions in order to quickly demonstrate results and bring the entire merged organization on board.

Matter facilitates:

  • large groups of people gathered  together to solve an urgent problem;
  • organizations transitioning to radically-changed circumstances;
  • cross-functional teams searching for shared vision and a common approach to achieving it.

Our clients include large and small companies, government agencies, and non-profits. These clients benefit in four principal ways from Matter’s approach:

  • considerable time savings with consequent cost savings;
  • risk reduction;
  • genuine collaboration and shared intent;
  • accelerated and aligned decision-making.

Our events usually last from two to five days and involve groups of different size (from 25 to hundreds of participants). These participants typically fall into three categories:

People who decide: Executives, top managers and decision-makers.

People who know: Line managers and others who have a deep knowledge of the issues in question and understand the variables that make change possible.

People who implement: those who will own decisions and solutions and who ensure implementation.



  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor Initiative convened a group of “Enablers” to help design, critique, and advocate for the construction of a digital financial services (DFS) platform for the poor.

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • In October 2016, Matter designed and facilitated the Communication Council, the annual meeting for Generali's Group Communications and Public Affairs Office.

    Assicurazioni Generali