Ways of Working: Leadership Teams

Better decisions, deeper alignment, faster implementation

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We believe …
… that the most effective strategies are those that come from a shared vision and a clear awareness of the role everyone needs to play.

Our methodology is particularly useful when the tried-and-true approaches you have always employed to drive collaboration and decision-making are no longer sufficient to address your long-term challenges.

Better decisions, deeper alignment, faster implementation

Typically we are involved when:

  • it’s time to initiate a major change or to face new competitive challenges;
  • you require a strategic or operational re-think;
  • there are new opportunities to be seized;
  • you are facing a transition to a new leadership.
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Matter has a unique transformation management methodology that creates the conditions for open discussion about strategic issues affecting your organization.

Our methodology is built on a few fundamental elements:

• A specially-built facilitation environment.
• A series of models that help to diagnose the system and to shape the discussion needed to bring the system to a higher level of effectiveness and alignment.
• A mix of pienary discussions and break-out activities.
• Graphic facilitation and content visualization to support and facilitate discussions and to explain complex concepts and strategies.


Every so often, you take your Board of Directors away from the scheduled board meeting to challenge your vision and discuss strategic options. We make this a collaborative and productive experience, generating deep insights and providing long-term direction for you and your Executive Team.


A mix of small-group problem-solving, facilitated discussions, and challenges to confront new realities. Our method ensures that each board member is genuinely listened-to and that everyone’s ideas are built upon and deepened.


  • Disruptive changes and challenges
  • Major opportunities
  • Transition points and new leadership

Some examples

A Major Financial Services Infrastructure Company

Over a ve-year period, we designed and facilitated three consecutive Board/ Executive O -sites during which the Board of Directors plus the top ten executives spent 21⁄2 days addressing broad strategic and governance issues and reaching consensus around major corporate initiatives. Each of these sessions was followed, six weeks later, by a large 31⁄2-day Leader’s workshop, consisting of the top 85 executives (without the Board of Directors) building detailed work plans to implement the Board vision. We continue to work with them on such issues as leadership and IT architecture and governance.

A Global Travel Company

We worked closely with the Executive Board to clarify the company’s vision and mission (in light of a major divestiture) and build consensus around values. This involved facilitation of several board meetings as well as focus groups with key employees around the world. This foundation was then used to challenge key strategic choices to be resolved and communicated across the company.

Major Italian Insurer and Export-Credit Provider

We have been working with the leadership of this company for several years to build consensus around reorganization following a strategy re-launch. Subsequently, we were invited to work in depth with the largest business unit for strategy definition and implementation, for leadership development, and for individual and team coaching.

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  • A group of 72 SWIFT leaders met in Barcelona to identify changes to make in organizational structure to align and develop the implemention plans for the SWIFT 2015 strategy.


  • Gavi’s Board represents a cross-section of stakeholders – UN Agencies, Donors, Developing Countries, Vaccine Companies – dedicated to saving lives by immunizing children in the world’s poorest countries.