Visuals and Graphics

We are focused on research, design and production of unique services and products, facilitating organisations to better communicate their ideas.

We use graphic facilitation (or scribing) to visually document concepts and highlight emerging links and patterns in a conversation. We gather content in real time as inputs or outcomes during sessions and presentations, to create rich and shareable pictures.

We translate stories, processes and strategies into creative, illustrated and animated videos to help you deliver your message the best way. We design and create video products from the beginning to the end, organising every technical and creative detail.

We use illustration to reveal what’s hidden and simplify complexity. Being either analogic or digital drawings, the final result is always a compelling illustration that helps better explain and understand a concept, spread a message or make something memorable.

We use Graphic Design as a tool to better explain messages and concepts. We create products and solutions that will help you communicate with impact merging the beauty of design and the effectiveness of illustration.

Pico is a space that feeds your curiosity. It’s a nexus where graphics meets technology meets humanity. PICO creates a surface in which drawings respond, links pop up easily, and new insights are tactile. With PICO you touch the knowledge and content that has been created by participants. PICO enables real-time Interaction with animations and projections. It’s a completely new experience that allows effortless engagement and deep learning and wonder in your events.

We facilitate your process of identifying the best strategy to launch your existing brand and at the same time we can create original products, brand identities and communication materials, following the all process from design to production and quality control.


We believe teaching is the best way to learn and that the visual practice is a tool everybody should be able to use to create better conversation and be clear. That’s why we design and deliver visual practice trainings, both in our spaces and in the client’s venue, where we transfer knowledge and practice together.