Capgemini is a leading consulting and outsourcing company. The German division needed to show the results of a quarter to engage and inspire their employees in a difficult year. The book was supposed to have a lot of data displayed along with rich content and the risk was that nobody would really go through it.


We proposed a creative approach to the project, suggesting to visualize in a new way any key figure and number. We gathered content from more than 5000 employees, quotes, photos and figures, that we summarized in a colorful and graphically product.


A 350-page book with more than 170 hand-made clay figures to illustrate every icon, logo and title. The book invites the reader to open and explore it. The creative presentation mixes perfectly with rich content to make it accessible and attractive to the reader.

“Together with Alfredo and his team, we are always in search for a balance between form and content. We start creating our communication idea, Housatonic gives us ideas for a format and a design which stimulate the contents collection and elaboration, which stimulate other forms, which stimulate other contents…and so on, through a virtuous spiral…we feel both scientists and poets…and together we can produce any communication tool: books, videos, posters. So beautiful and in such a short time that when we are done we afterwards want to do more.”