Generali Assicurazioni




Generali launched a comprehensive program to re-think its culture and group identity. A key element of this program focused on the values that needed to be understood and lived by all 70,000 global employees. This meant translating the values into individual behaviours and incorporating them into business processes and product attributes. The values needed to become the over-arching guide to decision-making within Generali.


Matter was invited by Generali to develop a two-pronged strategy to ensure that the values moved beyond the realm of superficial platitudes, as happens at so many companies, and became concrete and recognizable. The strategy was built around:

  • A road-show in eight countries (Values-in-Action Labs) to unpack the values and translate them into tangible projects targeting individual and collective behaviours, business processes, and product attributes.
  • Communication tools (videos, posters, postcards) to communicate and reinforce the values.


Generali was extremely pleased with our ability to move beyond the simple, superficial approach to corporate values and involve hundreds of people in every role in defining the practical application of Generali’s values while building interest and enthusiasm.