Integral Leadership & Coaching




Integral Leadership and Coaching needed to create a tool to help its clients engage inself-evaluation and inner contemplation. A game that would help to have allow for reflection and soul work. The object would serve both as a product to be sold and as a souvenir to give to clients at the end of intense leadership sessions.


We worked with Integral coach Libby Robinson to define the 3 categories and 6 different aspects for each of them. We wanted to visualise these in a simple and clean way each step of the process and merge the visuals with a nice packaging while bringing a gaming feeling to the user.


We created a custom-produced set of wooden dice, and printed, and designed a set of icons all in a beautiful package. The little box includes everything that is needed, from carrying the dice to explain their meaning; it is a beautiful object to sell and a professionally-looking souvenir to give as a present.