Lift Up




Lift-Up’s mission is to Lift-Up the creative abilities of individuals and organizations to help accelerate the positive transformation of society. Their actions are designed to inspire, encourage and guide the creative transformation process.The challenge for us was to create a booklet for Lift-Up: Leadership of creativity which was about their collaboration.


We started by gaining insights from the founder of Lift-Up Bruno Poirier who gave us a wide vision on the values of the brand. We then went ahead and illustrated the different concepts visually giving it a hand-drawn style for a friendly and warm look.


Following the brand colors and insights, the illustrations accompanied the text and were put together into a booklet, which was useful not only to understand the content but also to draw ideas and take notes during any given workshop.

“It’s really been a great pleasure to work with the entire Housatonic team. They are creative, sensitive and fun to work with. Their listening skills are unmatched and their ability to translate my sometimes-complex-ideas into effective visual concepts have added a lot of value to my booklet. I look forward to my next project with them!”

Bruno Poirier