Moving Walls




Moving Walls is a Swiss company known for the ‘Work Walls’ that help people give their ideas life. The owners asked us for ideas to re-inventing their brand identity and re-thinking their strategy and communications.


We first had a workshop in our studio in Bologna to brainstorm with the Moving Walls team about their vision for the future. We then initiated the design with the knowledge of showing the essence, and innovative side of the walls. The logo is an icon which unifies the M and W of the name, with a custom-made font which portrays the appeal of the walls.


A charming brand which conveys the professionalism of the products, and the Swiss quality. We designed many collaterals from stationery, to postcards, notebooks, t-shirts, window display and website.

“They makes it easy to give your ideas life.”

Marcel Frick – Co-Founder Moving Walls