RCS - Corriere della Sera




Corriere della Sera and 27esima ora organized the third edition of Il Tempo delle Donne in Milan. They did so to tackle, with many guests from all over the world, a delicate topic: sex and love. Many different voices discussed the issue with meetings, workshops and special contributions, highlighting the many nuances and the need to summarize all the surfaced opinions.


To support the event, we decided to realize three facilitation interventions to “enter the discussion”: visualizing some sessions, involving participants with portraits and thoughts on the theme and creating a knowledge wall at the entrance of the Triennale to gather and sensitize the audience of Il Tempo delle Donne. We captured in real time the relevant contents and the key words of the speakers, in order to have them appear on the wall as they were surfacing during the sessions. We also interviewed some members of the audience to grasp ideas and suggestions on the question “What is love for you?”


Drawings, images and contents became alive at the entrance of the Triennale and on Il Tempo delle Donne’s channels, thanks to a visual storytelling that lasted three days. Words and ideas developed during the conversations were digitally visualized and, with the other contents of the event, session after session, built a big S-shaped knowledge wall: contents and key words highlighted connections and helped the understanding. At the same time, on social networks the faces of Il Tempo delle Donne told their stories about sex and love. The graphic facilitation language therefore became a continuous and involving performance: a tridimensional synthesis and insight to enter the discussion.