Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event.


For three years, we have built and managed a laboratory where we facilitate 2 – 2½ hour interactive workshops on hot topics for the financial services industry.


Our sessions generate considerable buzz and are frequently cited as the most engaging part of the 4-day conference program. We also provide graphic facilitation (“scribing”) for our laboratory sessions and for large plenary sessions.

“We employed Matter for three successive bi-annual retreats of our Board and Executive team. Each time, the purpose was to challenge our strategy in light of changing circumstances. These sessions were extremely successful and managed to engender a sort of syncing-up of the Board and the Executives that allowed us to ask the most difficult questions, while challenging us to think more creatively and rigorously so that we could answer these questions. Matter was highly effective in getting us to collaborate effectively— so much so that we engaged them to help our leadership team execute on the Board/Executive vision.  I have never seen such an effective process and facilitation. Working with Matter has been a fantastic experience.”

Lazaro Campos, Former CEO of Swift