A group of 72 SWIFT leaders met in Barcelona to identify changes to make in terms of organizational structure, branding, etc. to effectively implement the SWIFT 2015 strategy. This came six weeks after a Board offsite (also designed and facilitated by Matter) of which strategic priorities were identified.


We were asked to design and facilitate a 3-day event whose objectives were:

  • build a shared understanding of the SWIFT 2015 strategy in terms of organizational structure and skills and consider the best possible approach to implement it (including discussions about co-investing, partnerships, acquisitions, operating effectively, etc.).
  • identify and overcome several technical issues related to the specific business of SWIFT.

One of the recurrent themes underpinning our conversations was the generational shift, not just among the leaders but across the whole organization and in the broader banking community.


As a consequence of this DesignForum, Swift launched several new products, entered domestic markets (e.g. India) and launched a long-term process, still underway, to rethink its hub-and-spoke architecture in a P2P world.