Terna had to establish a multi-year strategy to prioritise and phase major investments to assure service continuity following a devastating country-wide black-out.


Having successfully employed Matter’s methods a year earlier in the context of a major merger, Terna asked for help to align 45 individuals from several departments to assess strategic alternatives for maintaining service continuity in extreme circumstances (e.g., disasters) as well as addressing related management challenges. Matter led an extensive preparation phase which included numerous interviews with Terna executives as well as re-surfacing relevant studies undertaken in prior years. Together with a facilitation team of 11 people, Matter facilitated the work of 45 people through three intense days of work at a specially-built center in Milan.


As a result of three days of collaborative work (and extensive prior preparation), Terna developed four major project blueprints together with a detailed model for the governance and effective management of these and future high-impact projects.

“The results were well beyond my expectations. We had interesting ideas and controversial discussions. In fact, many of these issues are controversial. The work done is outstanding”

Director of Systems & Technologies