The European House - Ambrosetti




We are partners of Ambrosetti, The European House, the most important Italian consulting company, we help them to translate their content into visual and graphic products. Ambrosetti asked us to visualize in a small book the summary of their global economic analysis.


We first went through the document to understand the different data points and analytics to visualize. Then, using an infographic style we translated the content into visual notes and figures.


A booklet full of color, visual statistics, and illustrations. While working on the booklet we experimented using many different ways to translate content into visuals and we had fun creating them.

“Creativity, Competence, Innovation… to go beyond tradition, we have been trusting Housatonic’s creative team for over a year and a half to graphic record a lot of our events. They always manage to sum up the themes in a high-quality, effective product… which all of our participants love!”

Silvia Lovati – The European House Ambrosetti