UNICEF & WHO have been focusing for several years in overcoming the logistical challenges of getting appropriate, potent vaccines to all the world’s children. As part of The Value Web, we have been supporting this effort through a series of strategy, design, implementation, and learning workshops. UNICEF’s South Asia region (ROSA) brought together a group of 40 immunization supply chain experts from India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and the Maldives for five days and asked us to design and facilitate the workshop to accelerate their learning and enable them to conduct similar workshops back home.


We adopted a small number of powerful design principles to guide our work; among them the idea that the best way to learn is to teach and that collaborative problem-solving opens new avenues of learning that lectures and formal presentations never address.


Our five-day workshop has become a model for a variety of subsequent learning opportunities within the Immunization Supply Chain community. We are currently adapting this approach for further work in other regions and countries and have also been brought in by a separate division of UNICEF to re-energize their comparable design and learning activities.