Red Cross/Voices To Action




Voices to Action brought community voices into the global humanitarian dialogue. Government leaders met with Red Cross/Red Crescent leaders at their quadrennial international conference to agree on humanitarian priorities and negotiate changes to international humanitarian law. We facilitated a series of workshops around the world to prepare for this conference, and then held parallel workshops throughout the conference itself to bring this humanitarian dialogue to the center of the Red Cross/Red Crescent global community. To enhance the impact of this work, we designed a report that captured the event, its outcomes, and collected infographics and case studies.


In key countries and at Geneva at the International Conference, we embedded ourselves with participants and gave voice to their concerns. We collected the meaningful insights and visualized them through images and words. Our workshops served to create a much-needed dialogue about the future of the humanitarian community and the role of Red Cross/Red Crescent in that community.


A report in English, French, Arabic and Spanish that summarized the points addressed during the event and the data collected around multiple topics.