YouTube - Google




Google invited the 20-30 most influential creative advertising leaders to an exclusive event called YouTube Create in Dubai. We were invited to the event to capture the content live and to bring the space to life.


The client and their discerning guests were delighted with the invitation card, environment design and graphic recording that we created. In addition, we made a souvenir for everyone that was secretly inserted into the guest bags.


An accordion postcard which can be disassembled and used as individual cards or else kept together and displayed as an accordion. The envelope was handmade with a special embossed effect.

“The team did such an amazing job during one of our YouTube events in Dubai. They designed a great invitation card before the event, and painted a huge wall canvas and captured the key take-aways from presentations on beautiful canvases during the event. They are extremely creative and talented and are always happy to share their ideas even if it goes beyond their direct scope. They added a great touch to our event and I’d love to work with them again.”

Bilal Kabbani – Large Advertiser & Agency Marketing Lead, Google MENA