Adopt our better, faster way to solve business issues and communicate solutions memorably

Who are you?

We are a team of professionals with backgrounds in management consulting, graphic design, and health care and management. We are part of professionals sharing the same methodology and pattern language.

How do you measure your effectiveness?

Two ways.
First: Implementation. We follow-up with our clients following our engagements to check on their success in implementing the solutions that emerged. The outstanding feedback we typically receive is what perhaps distinguishes our work most from the implementation track record of most consultants.
Second: Repeat business. Our clients keep calling us back when they face big issues.

Where do you work?

We work wherever the client is and where our competencies are needed. Our teams speak English, Italian, German, Spanish, and French and our network has professionals across Europe and in China, Australia, and North America.

What does a typical engagement lifecycle look like?

We find that the effort we put into scoping our engagements is paid back many times in reduced time and risk. We normally start by working with a small Sponsor Team (5-8 people who ‘own’ the question to be answered or the project to be supported) and facilitate a 3-4 hour scoping session. We establish the objectives and desired outcomes of the engagement at this time and we continuously go back to them to make sure they are right. On this basis, we develop an initial design brief and a proposed budget.

Who uses your services?

We generally hear from people who ‘own’ an opportunity or have an urgent challenge. About a third of our clients are non-profit or international organizations, such as the UN.
Of the rest, we serve a good mix of industry sectors, including financial services, energy, health care, technology (services as well as manufacturing), consumer products, and retail.

How much does it cost?

Our events cost much less than a comparable consulting assignment and much more than a traditional facilitated workshop. The factors that normally determine our fees are:

  • The number of people involved
  • The length of the engagement
  • Any special preparation
  • An unusually complicated work product or deliverable
  • The detailed follow-up support

Apart from our fees, the principal cost of working with Matter is the uninterrupted time of our team. Clients tell us that our fees represent excellent value-for-money and participants tell us that we demonstrate great respect for their time and issues. Our pricing is transparent so you never risk losing control of your budget.

What does “design” mean for you?

Design is for us the skill of creating the path your team will take as well as the consequences of this path. We know how to organize and manage actions and behavior in a rational way and translate them into a coherent result.

What is special about the way you work?

Three attributes in particular come to mind: First, we make it easy. We think that people enjoy the challenge of solving problems and working together to discover what works. Second, we are  not  consultants and we do not have the answers. Our job is to provide a deeply collaborative experience to make the best use of what you already know and then to assure convergence around the solution you build. Third, our approach is highly scalable. We believe that all key stakeholders need to be involved in designing a solution and our approach can accommodate them.

Is it risky?

We face each engagement without knowing how it will turn out. We work with our clients to develop insightful questions whose answers are genuinely unknown. The lack of pre-determined answers is unusual in this day and age. But, as we work with our clients, we discover together that the risks that cause the greatest concern are intrinsic to the problem at hand and that our collaborative approach actually  reduces these intrinsic risks more effectively than other approach our clients have tried.