Author: Dan Newman
December 29, 2022

I’ve been reflecting on our 2022 projects and the attributes they share; the common themes that linked dozens of otherwise-unrelated engagements. Of course, the most significant change compared to 2021 and, above all, 2020, was the return to in-person work. After adopting Teams and Zoom as our principal enablers of collaboration, we have now dusted […]

Author: Dan Newman
July 9, 2020

Near my home in Rome is an unusual sort of bus stop. The sign says Piedibus and shows a children’s drawing of a foot-propelled school bus. A Piedibus or walking bus, has all the elements of a school bus – children, driver, a fixed route with pick-up and drop-off times – but no bus. In […]

Author: Dan Newman
May 4, 2020

Since lock-down began, I have lived the shift from IRL to virtual facilitation like the loss of a limb. We can still create useful conversations; we can still get the work done. But ‘remarkably good’ isn’t nearly good enough for me. My awareness of the constraints of our new two-dimensional reality makes me wonder about […]