Acceleration Zone

In-house place and process for internal convening, project acceleration, management, and rapid solutions

What is it
The large-scale collaborative workshop you use to support major transformation can be scaled down to address day-to-day problem solving and solution scaling.

An Acceleration Zone is a dedicated physical space in which groups construct, test, and execute solutions with an innovative approach while being supported by a small, dedicated facilitation team.

Iterative processes and collaborative sessions guide groups to accelerated decisions on the projects they are managing. All while reducing cost and risk.


How it works
As your program proceeds, every thorny question and every failure to reach consensus gets its own Acceleration Zone mini-workshop. If an answer can’t be found in a few hours, the question gets automatically escalated.

Acceleration zone benefits:
Speed | Solution Quality | Solution Ownership | Productivity | Lower Risk | Sponsorship | Confidence | People Excellence | Knowledge Transfer