Community Building

Cohesive and engaging ways to build, strengthen, and curate virtual and real-life communities

What is it
Our scarcest commodity is our attention. We are invited on a daily basis to identify ourselves as a part of a community: of interest, of professionals, of stakeholders, and many others. We don’t have enough time and focus to get much from these communities, much less contribute to them.
At Matter, we have years of experience creating, launching, and supporting real, virtual, and hybrid communities. We do this by identifying the four drivers of community involvement: intent, identity, experience, interest.

How it works
We believe that each community involves people with different levels of engagement and that this changes over time. We understand the ways in which individuals contribute to and benefit from community and we have tools to attract them to have a fresh look at community involvement.

Our model is versatile and can be applied at different stages of community:
• to map the state of the art of existing communities in order to increase awareness and identify possible areas of improvement and strengthen current initiatives and plan new ones;
• to design and launch community building strategies from scratch to identify a collective “why”.