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Design Forum

A DesignForum delivers alignment, solutions, and durable commitments, and is scalable in terms of days and participant numbers

What is it
A DesignForum is a workshop for anywhere from 20 to hundreds of stakeholders who need to quickly achieve lasting alignment around a decision, an action-plan, or a change imperative.
Matter has a unique transformation management methodology built on a few fundamental elements:

• models that help to diagnose the systemic issues and to shape the discussions needed to achieve a higher level of impact and alignment;
• a dynamic mix of plenary discussions, bursts of individual inspiration, small-group brainstorming;
• graphic facilitation and content visualization to support group discussions and to make intangible complex concepts and strategies understandable;
• a specially-built facilitation environment.

How it works
Together with a sponsor team we create engaging and highly-collaborative work experiences for participants.
We focus on transforming a passive audience into committed participants, creating a unique context for building connections and relationship that last over time.

This approach can be of enormous value for:
Strategy and Transformation • Operational Improvement • Post-merger integration •
Innovation and Sustainability • High-Impact Learning and Off-Site Events • Focus Groups • Leadership Team Re-boot • Out-of-the-box thinking