Design Forum

A DesignForum delivers alignment, solutions, durable commitments, and is scalable in terms of days and participants

What is it

A DesignForum is a 2-3 day workshop for a large,
heterogeneous group of stakeholders who need to quickly
achieve alignment around a decision, an action-plan, or a
change imperative.
Matter has a unique transformation management methodology
built on a few fundamental elements:
• a specially-built facilitation environment;
• a series of models that help to diagnose the system and
to shape the discussion needed to bring that system to a
higher level of effectiveness and alignment;
• a mix of plenary discussions and break-out activities;
• graphic facilitation and content visualization to support and
facilitate discussions and to explain complex concepts and

    How does it work

    Together with the sponsor team we create engaging and highly collaborative work experiences for participants. We focus on transforming a passive audience into active participants, creating a unique context for connections and relationships that last over time.

    Our collaborative methodology allows participants to:

    • Strategy & Transformation 
    • Operational Improvement 
    • Post-merger Integration 
    • Innovation & Sustainability
    • High-Impact Learning 
    • Eventi Off-Site 
    • Focus Group 
    • Leadership Team Re-boot 
    • Out-of-the-box thinking