First 100 days

Optimizing leader’s success from the very start

What is it
Stepping into a new leadership role is exciting. It may also be daunting: building a team, setting the right objectives, establishing the right tone, transforming quick wins into a foundation of success, building trust. The ambition to make a lasting difference can get obscured by the complexities of the short-term demands that new leaders face.

Matter supports new leaders and leadership teams so they can align around initiatives and projects that will have the greatest lasting impact.

How it works
We keep the new leader focused on the signal amidst the noise.

Our approach includes:

Strategy Review: Leadership team off-site to consider the inherited strategy and determine priorities and high-level execution.

Implementation Accelerator: a new leader may find that legacy strategies and priorities, though sound, need a re-boot.

Operating Model and Organizational Review: the executive team maps the existing operational model and then challenges it according to the new strategic priorities.

Team Dynamics and Individual and Team Coaching: from being a group to becoming a high performing team, focusing on the human being.