Graphic Facilitation

Simplify complexity and make the invisible visible

What is it
Our Graphic Facilitation approach visually documents concepts and highlights connections and patterns that emerge during large-group conversations. It helps to communicate complex topics through the synthesis of key messages for lasting understanding and engagement. We employ a variety of tools: scribing, visualization, illustration, infographics, icons, models, and murals.

How it works
Through deep listening and visualization, we enhance the understanding of key messages, captured graphically, and translate them into visual notes during presentations, events, meetings, and discussions. Content can be easily projected live, printed in real time, or shared digitally. With Graphic Recording, we map and explain messages on large surfaces to make them accessible to as many people as possible.
We often create a gallery on which we integrate inputs and session insights with concepts emerging during a meeting to create a rich visual synthesis (a so-called Knowledge Wall).