Business Model Innovation

Update your company’s operating system to be fit for the 21st century

What is it
Organizational models with names like Supercell Autonomy, Holocracy, and Participatory Self-Organisations litter the business press and contain excellent insights. However, most large organisations adopt a model that tends towards a functional structure or towards a matrix.

Both models have strengths and weaknesses and when our clients choose to shift from one organizational design to another, it is usually because it’s not working anymore and it’s worth the shock of transitioning.

How it works
Our clients call us when they plan to shift to a new model, or they have recently done so and face challenges making the new design work effectively.
We adopt a highly participatory and collaborative approach to facing organizational challenges. Matter doesn’t supply pre-cooked answers but rather builds a knowledge-rich space in which people who are affected by an organizational change are brought into the design and implementation of that change process.