Everything we do is to help people work better together.

Our methods and models are especially useful when the issues are complex, systemic, and when solutions need deep collaboration among stakeholders.



A DesignShop delivers alignment, solutions, durable commitments, and is scalable in terms of days and participant numbers

Gathering and Conferences

Engaged participants, unusual formats and creative offerings, collaborative learning, and networking by design

Graphic Facilitation

A picture is worth a thousand words: simplify complexity

Virtual Collaboration

When teams have to deliver, but can’t all be in the same place at the same time, we can help.

How our clients use it

First 100 Days

Optimising a leader’s success from the very start

Focus Group

Real insights through collaborative sharing and understanding

Community Building

Cohesive and engaging ways to build, strengthen, and curate virtual and real-life communities

Post-merger Integration

Due-diligence is inadequate: accelerate value capture and reduce risk at the same time

Leadership Teams

Reframe, refocus, and execute

Business Model Innovation

Update your company operating system to be fit for the 21st century

Acceleration Zone

In-house place and process for project acceleration, management, and rapid solutions