• Aster is a consortium for industrial research, knowledge transfer and innovation, with the aim of promoting technological innovation. 


  • UNICEF & WHO have been focusing for several years in overcoming the logistical challenges of getting appropriate, potent vaccines to all the world’s children.


  • Integral Leadership and Coaching wanted a tool to clearly display all of its services, explaining their application and features.

    Integral Presentation

  • As part of a project to design an 11-year water rights program in Ethiopia, this NGO assembled a group of partner NGOs, donors, government officials at all levels, technical experts, and effected populations, including village leaders and farmers.


  • Executives today need new tools that match the pace of change and uncertainty in the world.

    Kellogg Business School

  • “Think with Google” serves to share data, analysis and insights to stay informed and inspired. We were asked to design a notebook for the launch of “Think with Google” MENA in Dubai.

    Think With Google

  • We are partners of Ambrosetti, The European House, the most important Italian consulting company, we help them to translate their content into visual and graphic products, which we visualize their economics analytics in the world in a booklet.

    The European House - Ambrosetti

  • During the Food Design exhibition, Rovereto’s MART (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) asked us to help them tell the stories of their objects, beautiful but not always easy to understand at a first glance.


  • Generali launched a comprehensive program to re-think its culture and group identity. A key element of this program focused on the values that needed to be understood and lived by all 70,000 global employees.

    Generali Assicurazioni

  • BTicino is an Italian industrial company that operates in the field of low-voltage electrical equipment for residential, professional and industrial uses.


  • Moving Walls is a Swiss company known for the ‘Work Walls’ that help people give their ideas life. The owners asked us for ideas to re-inventing their brand identity and re-thinking their strategy and communications.

    Moving Walls

  • Voices to Action brought community voices into dialogues, to better define local solutions to humanitarian challenges. World governments met with Red Cross and Red Crescent leaders at an international conference to agree on humanitarian priorities.

    Voices To Action

  • Business School Lausanne is based on values like sustainability and conscious business. They asked us to help them develop a communication plan to reach and engage new students, in a fresh and unconventional way.

    Business School Lausanne

  • Unlike many of its competitors, STMicroelectronics owns its own wafer-making fabrication plants. In addition, it has more customers and more individual products than its major competitors.


  • The Whirlpool ‘EMEA Leadership Team 2015’ organized an event about leading change which we visualized.


  • As a result of the innovation workshops, managers at all levels are identifying serious issues to be collaboratively addressed.

    EQT Midstream – Design Fora

  • Alinox asked us to help them tell the history of industrial kitchens in a compelling way, during the live show in their stand.


  • In a highly changing field like natural gas energy the company has had to learn and adapt quickly.

    EQT - Executive off-site

  • As part of The Value Web, we have been supporting countless aspects of the Forum’s work in Davos and around the world.

    World Economic Forum

  • A group of 72 SWIFT leaders met in Barcelona to identify changes to make in organizational structure to align and develop the implemention plans for the SWIFT 2015 strategy.


  • Lift-Up’s mission is to Lift-Up the creative abilities of individuals and organizations to help accelerate the positive transformation of society. Their actions are designed to inspire, encourage and guide the creative transformation process.    

    Lift Up

  • Integral Leadership and Coaching needed to create a tool to help its clients engage inself-evaluation and inner contemplation.

    Integral Dice

  • AON is the global leader in risk management and human resources consulting. The company wanted to simply demonstrate the value of their complex work, conveying their varied expertise for construction and infrastructure companies and projects.


  • Our client, Active Philanthropy, was eager to engage the public on the issue of climate change.

    Active Philanthropy

  • Capgemini is a leading consulting and outsourcing company. The German division needed to show the results of a quarter to engage and inspire their employees in a difficult year. The book was supposed to have a lot of data displayed along with rich content and the risk was that nobody would really go through it.


  • Terna had to establish a multi-year strategy to prioritise and phase major investments to assure service continuity following a devastating country-wide black-out.


  • Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) is a nonprofit association, working to protect animals’ health in farming.


  • Magdalena Bak-Maier is an Educator, Executive Coach, Bestselling Author and Speaker with over 10 years experience in the field of consulting and developing people, and a background in neuroscience. We helped her to tell the story beyond her brand and activities with this animation.

    Magdalena Bak-Maier

  • Part thought-leadership, part marketing and sales, we helped build-up the SAS analytics community that addressed common issues and learned together.

    SAS - 8 Cities

  • Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event.


  • Together with our partner, Ways of Working (WoW), we have been working with Airbus in Toulouse as it seeks to “re-tool” its 8,000 engineers towards a new business model of simplicity and focus.


  • The Danish Maritime Forum is an annual event managed and organized by the Danish government. The Forum gathers all key stakeholders in the maritime environment: industries, governments, suppliers and users.

    Danish Maritime Forum

  • SMCP is made up of Sandro, Maje, and Claudie Pierlot: three elegant, creative fashion brands. They asked us to help them tell the story of their brand’s evolution through a video.


  • Google invited the 20-30 most influential creative advertising leaders to an exclusive event called YouTube Create in Dubai. We were invited to the event to capture the content live and to bring the space to life.

    YouTube - Google

  • The International Baccalaureate is an international educational foundation headquartered in Geneve, Switzerland. It offers educational programmes for children aged 3 to 19. On the occasion of a workshop held during their annual conference in Asia, we designed a series of cards to support a simulation on school and innovation.


  • India’s largest company, Reliance, is launching an India-wide 4G phone service: Jio. The first hundred days after the launch will be one of the most dynamic and ambitious commercial operations in history.


  • Corriere della Sera and 27esima ora organized the third edition of Il Tempo delle Donne in Milan. They did so to tackle, with many guests from all over the world, a delicate topic: sex and love.

    RCS - Tempo delle donne

  • An energy company recognized that their world is changing and wanted to get ahead with a fully-integrated innovation program.

    EQT Innovation

  • Arctic Business Council gathers senior business leaders to discuss the limitations of and the opportunities for economic growth in the Arctic.

    Arctic Business Council

  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Financial Services for the Poor Initiative convened a group of “Enablers” to help design, critique, and advocate for the construction of a digital financial services (DFS) platform for the poor.

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Infocert is a leader in the digital identity industry. A flexible structure and an adaptive environment are the key drivers that allowed Infocert to be successful and build its leadership in the Italian market.