Gatherings and Conferences

Engaged participants, unusual formats and creative offerings, collaborative learning, and networking by design

What is it
Participants deserve more than being talked at during plenaries and panel discussions. We add real collaboration and networking to your gatherings in memorable ways.
Matter has a unique collaboration methodology that manifests in robust gatherings that deliver so much more than a couple of good ideas and contacts. We use…

• A series of models useful for identifying fresh topics and perspectives in original ways;
• Ways to mix plenary activities with networking and breakouts;
• Graphic facilitation and visualization to support and facilitate discussions and explain complex concepts and strategies.

How it works
Matter partners with you to design an original experience for your participants and to identify topics and formats that maximize engagement and impact. We use facilitation, graphic capture, and sense-making to intentionally engage participants towards a desired outcome.

Our methodology allows participants to:

  • Learn from each other
  • Network at a strategic and operational level
  • Discover insights through group interactions
  • Explore and test solutions in a safe environment of diverse peers.